Why do you offer the fee-for-service model?

First, because a fee-paid advisor doesn't have the conflicts of interest inherent in commission selling. Second, fee-for-service means lower costs for the consumer. Third, the consumer can more easily choose the services required.

How does CHOICES differ from the traditional "full service" model?

CHOICES offers the consumer clear, transparent choices in the services one may receive and how they may be paid for. "Full Service" is essentially meaningless and is often used as a euphemism for "full commission" as distinct from a discount scheme.

Does the agent determine the selling price?

No! The selling price is determined by market conditions, particularly what buyers are currently paying for similar properties in the same neighbourhood and competitivley-priced properties currently offered for sale.

Do public open houses bring buyers?

It happens occasionally, but public open house events usually bring the curious, the bored, those who aren’t ready to buy yet, crooks who want to check out your possessions, people who are out for a winter walk and need to warm their cold toes and fingers, those seeking decorating ideas, etc. Open houses mainly benefit the agent who is looking to meet prospective clients, or needs to placate an anxious homeowner.

Is the number of agents in a brokerage important?

Not so much. The MLS® gives all member agents equal opportunity and incentive to sell your house.

What does FRI mean?

Fellow of the Real Estate Institute is a mark of excellence earned by very few; the top real estate professionals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the highest standards of education, experience and ethical conduct in the real estate industry. There are currently over 98,000 REALTORS® in Canada and less than 700 have attained this highly regarded designation.