Why does...

the traditional commission system charge the owner of a $600,000 property twice as much as the owner of a $300,000 property for exactly the same service?

Commission-based compensation is the established business model of the real estate brokerage industry - BUT does this way of paying agents really work for the benefit of their clients?


The traditional real estate listing package contains the services essential to selling your house PLUS extraneous things you pay for - whether you want them or not! Ron Stuart has a better way.


Ron Stuart, FRI

Fee-based Consulting

  • Buy the services you need and pay what they're worth.
  • Pay for advice and professional services instead of a
    percentage of the property price
  • Consulting fees are directly in proportion to services rendered and usually much less expensive than commission.

You get to choose

Whether you are buying or selling CHOICES™ offers a new way of doing business providing all the professional services you need without the typical sales hype.


"Our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. "
Wayne & Carolyn, Halifax